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Sacred/Circle Dance


Introduction to Sacred Circle Dance (SCD) in the Findhorn Tradition. Bring your life experience, curiosity, and desire to learn the stories of - and personally explore- these simple and timeless dances passed on by diverse cultures from around the world. Ellen is known for her ability to incorporate Sacred Circle Dance as a centering and grounding force at retreats and conferences. She founded the Four Seasons Sacred Circle Dance Community in Newburyport, MA and the MT Holyoke College Sacred Circle Dance Troupe (2005-2009). Ellen offers workshops, teacher training, retreats and gatherings in the US; internationally in S. Korea, Israel, Mexico, Iceland and Ireland. She was trained and certified at The Findhorn Foundation in Scotland to focalize Sacred Circle Dance.

What is Sacred Circle Dance?

Origin: Sacred Circle Dance is a worldwide movement originating from the work of Professor Bernhard Wosien, a German ballet instructor and Master Teacher at Munich University. He believed that our earliest and most profound impulse to replicate the creative powers that we sensed within ourselves and our world was through movement. These early “dances” enabled us to identify with the eternal round of creative force in the cosmos while acknowledging the rhythms and cycles of nature and daily life in community. He traveled extensively throughout Europe seeking to retrieve and preserve these early dance forms, specifically in the small, often oppressed villages that continued to hold the dances as sacred. He referred to his work as “Heilige Tanze” or the highest or holy form of dance.

Application: Sacred Circle Dance offers an integrative approach to healing, relaxation and to some, a deeply moving spiritual experience. It differs from folk dance through the sacred intention that is held for each dance. In circles, lines and spirals we join hands to learn simple village dances to traditional, folk, classical and world music. Through our dancing, energy is activated. We consciously intend this energy to heal ourselves, one another, our planet earth and the people, places and situations throughout the world in need of healing grace. Each dance offers its individual blessing and we open to receive it. It is believed the impulse to dance is encoded in our DNA. When we dance in Sacred Circles the encoded message is activated, we remember. Sacred/Circle Dance is used as a healing modality to diverse populations throughout the world in many health and holistic settings.

Thoughts from Sacred Circle Dance Participants: “…the amazing thing is the simplicity of these dances. There is no one too clumsy to partake of their grace” ~ “Community dancing is quite simply one of the most beautiful ways for people to be together in a spirit of joy and laughter”. ~  “moving with rhythm in harmony is inspiring and cleansing to heart and mind.” ~ “When I circle dance, it is like something that had been locked inside me is released.” ~ “Dance brings people together, it heals, includes, unifies, touches, transcends…it can change the world.”