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Sally Cote, Teacher

Sally Cote’s introduction to Kundalini yoga was so personally transformative in 2010 she has since, without interruption, continued to deepen her practice and knowledge.  Her commitment to the practice led to the successful completion of both Level One and Two Kundalini Yoga and Meditation training.  Sally loves being a teacher and a student. She is currently learning to make Malas and Mantra boxes.  During her studies, Sally was intrigued by the healing powers of sound.  She pursued the necessary training and has added Gong Practitioner to her credentials. Having benefited so profoundly from her own practice, Sally is passionate about sharing with students. The breathwork within a Kundalini yoga class is Sally’s favorite component.  The results are so powerful, anxious thoughts and the resulting stress, can be cleared away.  Designing a 40-day meditation to share, with associated breathwork, is also a passion for Sally.  She has cultivated such a deep, rich practice; students are encouraged to tell Sally what they may be struggling with and she will provide the tool(s) to aid and assist. Sally’s positive energy and light is perhaps best captured in her favorite quote - “I don’t believe in miracles. I rely on them” ~ Yogi Bhajan