New Student Special

3 Weeks of Yoga for $35

New Student Special

3 Week of Yoga for $35

New Student Special

3 Weeks of Yoga for $35

Find Your True Self
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Find Your True Self with Chun Shim nim - In Person Retreat

Saturday October 19 10:00-7:00pm - Day 1

Sunday October 20 10:00-7:00pm - Day 2

The emotions and soul are different.  Many people shed tears when they see miserable people or feel touched by beautiful music or landscape, and they might wonder are they feeling their soul?  Emotions and the soul can encounter each other. They can exist together.  But the root of each is different.  The root of emotions is the physical body. The root of our soul is our Divinity.  Since emotions have their root in the physical body, these emotions change constantly.  When the physical body disappears, then emotions also disappear.  However since the root of the Soul is Divinity, even after the physical body disappears, the Soul exists. We all have desires for external gratification: food, work, recognition, control, success, entertainment, etc.  But even after satisfying these desires we feel emptiness within.  This is because the only true way to be satisfied is to connect to your original nature, your true self or your soul.  When we encounter our soul, our loneliness, our boredom will disappear.  As our souls become healthy, so do our physical bodies, souls that are not bright enough hold onto emotions and these emotions (stress, worry, anger, etc.) impact the health of our physical bodies.  A healthy soul is one that can distinguish the Soul from emotions with awareness. A healthy soul is one that releases emotions and attachments so it is free light and empty.  A healthy soul knows that emotions are not me, but mine, and is able to manage emotions and create emotions.

FYTS is the first step in being able to feel and listen to your Soul.

We have three bodies; the physical, the energetic and the spiritual bodies. These three bodies need to be connected to each other well and harmoniously through the Chakra's and self-love. The most dense body, the physical body needs good care, healthy meals, deep breathing and warm relationships. We call this "Chun" (heaven or breath) "Ji "(earth or food) and "In" (humanity or relationships.). The less dense body, or energy body needs to flow like water. Invisible things such as your thoughts and thinking, your emotions, your memories are all voices that belong to this body. If we have blockages in our body, and/or if we hold onto emotional and mental patterns we will freeze or hold this energy and ultimately we will suffer from it. Exercising mindfully helps us to loosen the physical blockages and we become more sensitive to "observing" our mental and emotional patterns. When we can observe a pattern it loses its power over our lives and we suffer much less. Over time and with practice all suffering can end.
For our holistic health, we need to take one more step, going to the deepest core, where true peace and joy resides. This is the journey to your Tao Within, soul or the True Self. Here we find true peace within and everyone has a soul no matter what you may call it. So the way to deep joy and peace is by experiencing your core and then choosing to stay connected to this part of yourself. The Find Your True Self workshop shows the way to get there; how you can experience the deepest joy and find your own sacred voice.
In our journeys, having a map makes a big difference. Knowing who you are at the deepest level is your best and true map for guiding your choices and your direction in life.
This workshop doesn't allow you to stay to this connected place forever- it guides you so you can feel it and then you will know how to visit there again and again. So after this retreat you can choose this deep place again and again or only visit it sometimes or never go there.... it is your choice. This place is beyond your layers, beyond resistance, fear, doubt and judgment- you need to trust that this place exists and that you can access it through the body. We cannot fill our stomachs by looking at a meal- we must experience the meal. Find Your True Self allows every participant to experience the delicious meal of his/her True Self or soul.
Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions or need any guidance or support.  Trust that if there is even a very small voice inside whispering to you that you should do this retreat- trust that small voice and participate.
With Peace & Love, Chun Shim

Date: Saturday October 19 & Sunday October 20, 2024

Time: 10am-7pm (EST)

Cost: $495 *includes pre-training session

($375 to retake / Contact Beth 978.463.9642 to register)


New participants to Find Your True Self need to attend an introductory Workshop (dates tba)

If you cannot attend this session please talk with Beth or Mike