Massage - Nicole Stratis
Nicole Stratis - Licensed Massage Therapist and Abdominal Massage Practitioner

Nicole's background is in environmental health with her college studies in Vermont that naturally brought her to organic agriculture and then herbal medicine. After years massaging the soil, she knew it was time to integrate human to human relations seeing that our bodies are an extension of the earth and so is our care of them. She offers customized massage therapy with herbal infused oils, some of which are handcrafted by her. Nicole also practices Abdominal Massage Therapy which focuses on supporting uterine, bladder, and digestive health with massage, educational empowerment, and herbalism, such as an herbal pelvic steam which can be added to your session. Nicole is currently studying biodynamic craniosacral therapy and offers free practice sessions to support this deepening. This gentle hands-on therapy works to resource the nervous system through orienting the client to their innate health and wholeness. Please reach out with any questions as Nicole is happy to have a mini phone consult to see if these services can be of support for you.

Herbal Oil Anointing Massage - An integrative and customized session with personally handcrafted oils, as well as other speciality herbal products, that align for you energetics and physicality.

Abdominal Massage//Womb Care - Integrating Mayan and Hawaiian lineage teachings, along with feminine wisdom traditions, this session is hands-on and educational. 90 minutes $150 (add herbal pelvic steam for total of 2 hours $190)

Herbal Pelvic Steam//Plant Spirit Ally - A completely customized session aligning you to a specific plant ally (or a few) on your physical journey for this meditation into your root. Teachings from and about the plants will be shared before and after your time on a comfortable cedar throne.


Individual Sessions 60/90 Minutes $110/$150

Nicole is available Tuesdays and by appointment / Contact Beth 978.463.9642 to book a session