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3 Weeks of Yoga for $30

"I am filled with gratitude for you and the community you have 'created', fostered and nurtured at Roots to Wings.  I truly cannot visualize my life without it (nor do I want to!)  A place that has brought me much joy, healing, peace, self-discovery, truth and inner strength.  I have formed deep open hearted connections; the kind that are as real as they are rare, with beautiful souls I would not otherwise have met.  I will cherish my journey with RTW for a lifetime (and maybe more).  I feel so blessed.  The world would be a happier, more peaceful place, if everyone grew some Roots and spread their Wings."
"This is quite simply the nicest yoga studio I have ever been in. This place, the energy, and the people here are amazing. It is so healing."
-Kripalu Yoga Instructor


"Roots to Wings has brought a sense of well being to my daily life. Some people call it centering, and that works too, but I prefer to think of it as a type of quiet joy, the kind that can be sustained over time without exhausting you. For me it has also brought a renewed sense of confidence in myself. At age 58 I have run a ½ marathon a full 7 minutes faster than I did at age 46. I have found the courage to get back on a bicycle after an injurious fall over twenty years ago kept me too fearful to try. I have done a hand-stand something I hadn’t done since my early twenties, and it has been almost 2 years since my husband had to remind be to stand up straight and stop slouching. While many women have to worry about “shrinking” as they age, Roots to Wings has helped me grow taller.
I can’t say enough about the kindness and dedication of the Roots to Wings staff. Beth, Mike, Arleen and Katherine guide us through the practices with grace and dignity. All levels of participants are welcome and encouraged. They inspire us with their commitment and love.

When my husband and I travel we like to try different Yoga studios. While it is fun to see other techniques and styles, we are always glad to come back to Roots to Wings. It’s our home…”


"I was given the gift of a yoga lesson at RTW, having never taken yoga I expected a gym type workout with lots of stretching, what I experienced was pleasantly very far from that. When I first entered RTW I was struck with the warmth that I felt, much like you would feel when walking into a close friend's house where you know you are always and truly welcome. What I experienced during that first class was physically challenging (I was 52 and overweight) which I welcomed, but there was far more to the experience. That first feeling of welcome that I felt continued into the class as we went through the yoga moves in a very purposeful and mindful manner, and by the end of class I found that I was hooked. Since that time just 8 months ago I have found something very surprising that I did not know was within me, a core that was strong, calm, happy and very eager to go ever deeper with each day of practice. To say that RTW changed my life would be a tremendous understatement. If you come to RTW be prepared to discover far more than yoga, you just may discover one of the greatest gifts you could ever find… YOURSELF!"


"I have been practicing yoga at RTW since Wendy Hall first opened the studio. It has been a nurturing, challenging, loving and growing experience for me—in body mind and spirit. I feel physically and mentally better than I did when I began, and it's nice to be able to say that at the age of 65. I have had the opportunity to explore many areas of the body-mind-spirit connection thanks to RTW. I never feel pressured to participate in any area where I am not interested but I appreciate the chance to go a little beyond my comfort zone in a supportive atmosphere. I feel that we, the staff and the students, have and will continue to grow together. I am so grateful Wendy, Beth, Mike and all the staff and students of Root to Wings."
- Suzanne


"I was introduced to Roots-to-Wings when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer. My surgeon suggested I would best deal with post-surgical radiation treatments by practicing yoga. I was skeptical. I was a jock-want-to-be. I believed the path to physical health was through my physical body only: exertion; stamina; pain; suffering – which would lead me to a healthy body. I was a gym junkie and a fair-weather distance runner. As I grappled with my disease and the limitations I felt it imposed on me, I went to my first yoga session. I felt some in trepidation, but as I drove into parking lot, I experienced a sense of pure calm as I took into the fragrant smell of the gardens and the peaceful entry way. My fear immediately dissipated as I walked through the entry way and into the welcoming arms of Wendy Hall, the founder. As Roots-to-Wings has continued to grow under the guidance of Mike and Beth Houlihan, my physical-energy-spiritual journey has greatly been enhanced. Through their guidance and the facilitator team they have assembled, I have realized my practice is not one-dimensional. It is multi-dimensional. I am not only working on my physical body, but my energy and spiritual bodies as well."


"Roots to Wings is an amazing retreat center for me. When I arrive for my yoga practice, I immediately feel like I am home. There is a wonderful spirit energy surround the facility inside and out. We are so blessed to have these wonderful teachers/advisors in our community."