Breathwork - Lisa Silverman
Lisa Silverman - Breathworker

Breathwork is a simple, profound, diaphragmatic breathing technique. Students lay down while music is played and actively engage in deep diaphragmatic breathing.

"Breathwork is an extremely powerful tool that induces us into an expanded and non-ordinary state of consciousness where we can experience profound releases from old hurts, wounds, traumas, and thought patterns that hold us back from living fully. If you want to unlock the doors to your subconscious mind, consider this offering."

Lisa Silverman became a breath worker in 1991 when she attended Tom and Karen Goode’s school the International Breathwork Institute. In 2005 she furthered her breath work training at the Power of Breath Institute which is a two year breath work training and became a trainer of breath workers. She has been assisting Breath work trainings, facilitating groups and individuals ever since. She also leads breath work in an alcohol and drug rehabilitation center in Maine. Lisa is also a reiki and shiatsu practitioner and uses these modalities in her sessions.

Individual Sessions 60 Minutes $175

Available by appointment / Contact Beth 978.463.9642 to book a session