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Energy Healing

Mike is a full-time co-Owner of Roots to Wings.  He is a certified 500 hour teacher in the Kripalu lineage, studying with Sudha Carol Lundeen, Jurian Hughes, Devarshi Steven Hartman and Jovinna Chan.  In addition to Kripalu Hatha yoga (postures for physical and mental health), Mike has practiced and studied physical, energetic and spiritual healing under the guidance of Spiritual Teacher and Healer Chun Shim nim. Mike is available for private energy healing or yoga by appointment. 60 Minutes/$100


Stacia channels high vibrational healing energy to release blockages in the energetic body allowing the life force energy to flow freely. This free flow of prana restores the body, mind, and spirit to its natural state of balance and ease. Stacia draws on a combination of natural intuitive healing abilities and positive psychology to guide you in releasing what no longer serves you. She believes that health, wellness, and abundance are our birthright and can be had by all. Stacia creates a sacred space where sessions are tailored to meet the individual needs of each client. Energy healing sessions may focus on specific physical ailments, health/wellness, getting to the root cause of dis-ease, prosperity, mindset, and overall well being. An energy healing session will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated. 60 Minutes/$95