New Student Special

3 Weeks of Yoga for $35

New Student Special

3 Week of Yoga for $35

New Student Special

3 Weeks of Yoga for $35

Intuitive Readings with Mirabai
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Roots to Wings Hosts: An Afternoon Deep Dive of Personal Intuitive Readings with Mirabai Devi

Saturday June 29, 3-6pm

For 8 people / $250 per person

Mirabai Devi will be presenting an intimate group session at Roots to Wings, where she will conduct a deep dive with Intuitive Readings and energy work for 8 lucky participants.

This session aims to uncover the underlying causes of various life circumstances, feelings, and conditions by uncovering deep pools of karma, family lineage and past life inheritance, and personal history.

Mirabai's work is centered on reading each participant intuitively during the session. The goal is to reveal hidden issues and blocks and then clear them with energy work and Light work and therefore provide a liberating and enlightening experience for each participant. Owing to the intensity and depth of this work, the session is limited to 8 people, allowing each participant to receive personalized healing and will be like a blend between a personal private session and a small group setting.

Mirabai will use various modalities tailored to your individual needs, and you will have the opportunity to observe her as she works with others, gaining insights into different techniques and tools for addressing specific issues and blockages.

This session is designed not only for personal healing but also to mentor you in your journey as a yoga practitioner and self healer, offering a dynamic learning experience through observation and participation.

The benefits of this program are immediate and profound. In a nurturing small group environment, you will experience deep self-connection and gain clarity on personal issues you may not have been aware of.

The intimate setting allows for personalized attention and fosters an atmosphere of compassion and learning. You can expect to address a wide range of issues, from physical pain and emotional suffering to ancestral karma and spiritual awakening.

This program will be a transformative experience, helping you to heal, grow, understand and develop yourself and ultimately foster a greater sense of self-love and trust in the Universe. The powerful modalities you can expect to experience or witness in this dynamic working session include:

  • Individual Intuitive readings
  • Energy work
  • Light work
  • Personal process work
  • Higher States Of Consciousness
  • Light Transmission
  • Group sharing

Date: Saturday June 29, 2024

Time: 3-6pm

Cost: $250