New Student Special

3 Weeks of Yoga for $30

New Student Special

3 Weeks of Yoga for $30

Class Descriptions

All Levels: Appropriate for both beginners and those experienced with yoga. Class includes a beginner to intermediate flow for strength, balance, flexibility and deep restoration.

Athletic Flow: A more physically challenging yoga class incorporating core movements within a strong vinyasa flow.

Beach Yoga: Enjoy a gentle flow yoga class Sunday mornings with Mike Houlihan or Kasey Maher from 7:30-8:30am through August.  Beginners welcome. Please park at the Wildlife Refuge lot #1.  Walk to the left once you get on the beach. Bring a mat, a towel, sunglasses, bug spray and dress in layers.   Students may use class cards or drop in rate is $17 (cash or check only at the beach).

Gentle Flow: A slower flowing, gentle yoga class for all levels.  Class includes warm up stretching, breathing practices, gentle flow and deep relaxation.  Students encouraged to listen to their body and have patience for any physical restrictions they may be dealing with, meeting their body where it is at.

Healing Yoga: Anyone can benefit from self-healing yoga.  This class helps to awaken a stronger circulation of life energy in the body, which allows us to release stresses, toxins, and blockages, to revitalize and refresh the body, mind, and spirit.  Class includes tapping, meridian stretching, ki gong, breathing, and meditation as well as guidance on self-healing & stress reduction.  Ideal for those experiencing illness, injury or chronic pain.

Kundalini Yoga: Kundalini yoga is a sacred science. It is over 5000 years old. Yogi BHAJAN is the master and teacher of kundalini yoga. Kundalini yoga is a comprehensive technology suited for people who lead active lives. The focus lies on balancing the glandular system, strengthening the 72,000 nerves of the body, and bringing the body, mind and soul into balance.  There is a strong connection to the breath and the different techniques of coordinating breath with movement.  Kundalini works great on all body types and ages. No yoga experience necessary.

Moderate Flow: A more challenging yoga flow class incorporating sun salutations, linking postures, breath and energy practices to stretch, strengthen and heal the body, quiet the mind and deeply relax.

Open Meditation: Join a gathering Sangha on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30-9am for guided meditation, sitting in silence or walking meditation.  Arleen Damon will be "holding the space."  By Donation.

Restorative: This class uses props (blankets, bolsters, and pillows) to completely support the body in basic yoga postures so that the student receives the benefits of the poses without muscular exertion. You do not need to be flexible to practice Restorative Yoga. Through these supported positions, the organs and glands are saturated with a fresh supply of blood, leading to renewal and revitalization. Breathing capacity is deepened. Restorative Yoga soothes the nervous system, and enhances the immune system. This class will enhance a vigorous practice and is also perfect for beginners as well as those with injuries.

School Teacher Series: A discounted 8 week yoga series designed for anyone working in a school teaching position with children and young adults.  Class will be a slower flowing, gentle yoga class for all levels. $75/8 week series. Offered Thursdays from 3:20-4:20pm.  Next Series: 9/21/17-11/9/17.  Click HERE to Register

Flow and Restore: Class will start with a vinyasa flow, then end with restorative poses and deep stretching.

Teen Yoga: Yoga series to help teens release stress and tension, improve strength and flexibility, and develop greater mind-body awareness through yoga postures, breathwork, meditation, group activities, restorative postures and deep relaxation.  Cost $10 drop in or $75 for 8 week series.  Fall session will run Tuesdays 7pm-8pm 9/19/17-11/14/17 (no class 10/31/17).

Turkey Squad (Guys Yoga): This class will re-introduce men to their body in a progressively challenging, spirited and meaningful way to help activate their natural healing potential to de-stress, recover from chronic injury & become stronger, healthier and more at peace. Class will also focus on men's key health issues, breathwork, strength training and recovering lost flexibility.  No prior experience necessary.  Click here to read what the Boston Globe says about Turkey Squad.

Warm Slow Flow: Warm slow flow is WARM not HOT .... It is a combination of relaxation and vinyasa flow in a very warm and cozy room... 30 minutes of relaxation postures and 30 minutes of flowing yoga postures.  This class will have you feeling relaxed, warm and rested.  Offered fall/winter/spring.

Zen Teen (ages 13-17) This 6 week class series is for teens who are experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety in their lives and want to explore the use of mindfulness and meditation as tools to develop inner peace. This will be a safe environment to get up close and personal with the sources of our stress as well as how we experience it in our minds and bodies. Then by learning and practicing the tools of mindfulness and meditation, we can learn how to let it go and stay present and calm in the moment. Class will consist of a combination of individual and group discussions, meditation practice, guided meditations and restorative yoga poses.  Offered Sundays 4:00pm-5:00pm 11/5/17-12/10/17 with Anna.  Pre-registration required and a minimum number of participants required to hold series.  Cost $90.  Click here to register

Adult Classes


9/22 Tween Workshop

9/22 Equinox Meditation

9/25 40 Day Transformation New Start!

9/30 Family Yoga

9/30 Chakra Flow

9/30 Rhonda Lenair


Children's, Tween & Teen Yoga

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