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Weekly Workshops

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Yoga Nidra with Arleen & Katherine

Friday, December 27th 7pm-8:30pm

This Pre-New Year Class is an opportunity for letting go of the old and getting ready for the new. The 90 minute class will include stretching, yoga flow, restorative postures and Yoga Nidra.  Led by Arleen Damon and Katherine Perrin.  Cost is $25.  Pre-registration is required.

Yoga Nidra has been called "the most powerful relaxation technique known to man". A proven antidote to anxiety and restlessness, this practice is a form of meditation and mind-body therapy.  Yoga Nidra is based on an ancient yogic technique that facilitates deep relaxation and meditation. A series of guided techniques and visualizations brings you into the Alpha and Theta states where deep healing takes place, and where you can access the subconscious mind, affecting great change and transformation in your life. It has the power to transform us at our core. It is designed to release deeply held tensions, sooth the nervous system, strengthen the immune system and refill our spirit.

Date: Friday, December 29th, 2019

Time: 7pm-8:30pm

Cost: $25

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