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"Thank you so much for providing the AllStar camp experience a few weeks ago. My son LOVED it and has been teaching us different things at home. Just this morning I was getting frustrated with his brother and he told me, while demonstrating, to count my fingers slowly so I could calm down.  Also today I found him lying in his bed with the lavender pillow that was made at camp over his eyes, I was checking in on him (he was in a time out) and he happily stated "do you smell this mommy, it's really calming me down!". Thank you guys so much!" - B.C.

"Thank you for being a gentle, kind, nurturing and creative yoga teacher. My daughter hasn't been comfortable enough to attend and participate in classes of any kind for the past four years.  We are thrilled that she participated in and enjoyed your classes."  ~RTW Parent

"My 9 year old son loved your yoga class.  He has ADHD and recently suffers from anxiety, and the yoga was so great for him. It calmed him down and he was able to focus.  It was amazing...I have been working on different ways to reign in his focus and fidgeting, and it was just amazing to watch."  ~RTW Parent

"Yoga helps me relax and calm my body so I can focus on my dreams.  It makes me feel connected to the Earth." ~ Audrey (8)

"I learned that you can go in a calm place in your mind before doing something stressful."  ~Jonny (10)

"Little Roots/Roots to Wings is a very creative and dynamic addition to our pre-school and kindergarten class.  The children look forward to the stories and new poses they learn each week.  Candy and Beth provide an educational curriculum incorporating music, movement and creative expression that the children LOVE!!  Thank you for bringing such a fun and enriching elements to our class!"  ~P. Murphy Director/Teacher Ipswich Montessori School.

"Thank YOU AGAIN for Sunday.  It is so great that you create the space for kids and parents to connect in a way that isn't always fostered in the pace that life so often takes.  Ella and I started our day this morning talking about how much fun we had together.  We plan on being regulars at your mom/daughter workshops." -Laura

"As a parent of three girls I feel very strongly about the RTW kids yoga program.  Like most parents, I have seen my kids go through ups and downs related to academic pressure, adolescent stress and emotional growth.  The kids yoga program is teaching the tools to relax the body, clear the mind and connect with self.  What crucial skills to develop for all of us!  When I drop them off I know it is not just another activity; it is to build a life skill.  When I see them use their breath to calm down in a stressful situation, or simply go to bed with a heat pack for comfort, I am confident yoga is time well spent.  I feel so blessed my kids have access to such an incredible program with truly remarkable people."  ~ RTW Parent

"I loved yoga! I felt so relaxed and peaceful.  My favorite part was the last part, closing my eyes and thinking.  I felt full of peace and happiness. I can't wait for next time!"  ~ RTW teen

"I let my stress go away..."  ~ RTW teen

"RCC loves Roots to Wings and highly recommends them. They have great ideas about getting the kids moving and at the same time are able to offer more calming techniques that we all enjoy as well!  Both Ms. Beth and Ms.Candy have visited our Center and are warmly welcomed by staff and children. We look forward to each session in anticipation of great things!"  ~N. Wren  Director/Teacher Rowley Children's Center

"My 'special place' was very calming and relaxing.  That would probably be the first time I'd been that relaxed.  This technique will probably help me fall asleep in the future.  Also it will help me stay calm for my tests.  Thank you for teaching me this relaxation technique."  ~ RTW teen

"I just wanted to let you know how much my daughter  enjoyed this class.  She wants to do yoga everyday and is constantly practicing.  She said it makes her feel "strong".  What an amazing feeling for an 8 year old girl.  Thank you Candy!"  ~ Katherine

"I have had sore muscles yoga I stretched them out but not to the point where they hurt again.  I was relaxed and it felt so good!"  ~ RTW teen

Testimonials From students & teachers in local schools after yoga in the classrooms:

"I like to do yoga at school because it calms you and makes you more aware."

"I really liked these classes because it relieved my stress in class.  It also set my mind free and I felt great!"

"Yoga classes made me relaxed and I could release my anger and frustration.  Thank you so much!"

"Yoga was amazing!  It was the first time I ever did it.  I loved it!"

"I will use yoga with my students I work with daily and over the summer."

"As an O.T. I will use yoga in lots of classrooms!"

"Yoga helped me in school when I got frustrated or tired, yoga helped me relax and get in a good mood."

"Thank you for teaching me and my class many poses of yoga.  It helps me calm down and feel relaxed."

"The guided visualizations really help me feel confident."

"I learned I can do anything, work my hardest and be nice to others."

"Thank you so much for helping me and my class learn yoga.  Now when my teacher says to take a break, everyone does Warriors 1, 2 and 3!  I really enjoyed the sessions!  I think it calmed us down a lot!"

"Thank you Beth!  Yoga is sometimes the most calming thing in my day!  The fact that you could share the yoga ability with us is wonderful!!!  I love yoga!  I enjoyed learning new yoga moves and I loved the visualization part too.  Thank you!"

"I felt so comfortable.  It has been very effective for my classes."

"I learned relaxation techniques which were helpful for students especially during testing days; great stretches; meditations. Students enjoyed the classes and I hope to see you back next year."

"The yoga experience has been wonderful for my class which is very challenged by issues of self control and some hyper-activity. As a teacher, any calming tools that we can employ are so beneficial to the overall atmosphere of the class. Thank you so much."

"I learned to relax a lot more when you are stressed about something and to take deep breaths and calm down."

"Thank you for teaching me new things about yoga. I didn't know it could be so fun!!!"

"I feel relaxed and peaceful."

"I learned how to relax visualize clearer....good posture....relaxing breathing...healthy bodies....helps me sleep."

"I learned from yoga that always be confident in yourself. Also always be the one who stands up. PS:  That was a real workout."

"I liked yoga and found it very useful. I liked how we got to move around and relax. I used some of the breathing exercises before tests and sports."

"I liked yoga because it made me really relaxed and made me ready for MCAS! I will use yoga before a sports game to get ready for the game! It was awesome!"

"I use the Take 5 Breath when I babysit and before a big game. I liked yoga and how it strengthened me."

"What I like about yoga is it stretches you out. I like it because I have very tight joints and I felt better after."

"I loved yoga. I liked when you taught us how to breath a little easier because it helped me stay calm. I also liked how we did different poses to help our balance. It helped me take anything bad out of my mind. That is why I loved yoga."