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Weekly Workshops

Weekly Workshops

Group Yoga Therapy Class
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Group Yoga Therapy Class with Carol Gamble

This is a mixed level class designed around a specific therapeutic theme. The approach is gentle and nurturing and accessible for everyone and will complement other healing therapies or medical treatments you may be undergoing.

Yoga Therapy is a growing field of yoga (medical) research and yoga practice designed to help people to alleviate symptoms and manage living with chronic mental, physical and emotional conditions.  Employing a whole person approach to healing, Carol will facilitate your practice through careful adaptation of yoga methods to general and specific issues and conditions.  Breathing techniques, postures, mindful movement, guided imagery and relaxation are all components of the group yoga therapy class. You will leave feeling grounded and relaxed with tools to incorporate into daily life.

Date: TBA

Time: 7pm-9pm

Cost: $30