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3 Weeks of Yoga for $30

Energy Healing

Our bodies contain a powerful healing force and through awareness of this innate ability we can recover our physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Energy Healing Sessions are available with Mike Houlihan. These sessions use a variety of holistic tools to awaken the receiver to his/her own energy blockages and emotional/mental patterns. 60 min/$100. Packages available.



Private Sessions


1/19 Teen/Tween Vision Board

1/22 40 Day Transformation

1/26 Tao Healing Meditation

1/26 Deep Play For Kids Training

2/2 Healing Circle

2/4 Half Day Silent Retreat

2/8 Sedona Retreat

2/9 Restorative & Reiki

2/11 Mother daughter


1/17/18 Studio is OPEN for all morning classes