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Weekly Workshops

Discover Your Self(s)* - Rhonda Lenair
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On Saturday, July 28th from 2pm-3:30pm, join us for a very special event, Discover Your Self(s)*, through Rhonda Lenair.

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Rhonda’s countenance is represented in pictures as the shimmering water, and is used as a metaphor through what SHE offers that perfectly reflects the life or lives before her and seamlessly SHE becomes your voiced reflection.

Rhonda Lenair simply is… if you ask what she is, she will say:

“I Am…
…greater than what I am,
is, that I Am”

Tens of thousands of people, spanning three decades have most often described Rhonda as a miracle maker, visionary, prophet, medical intuitive, healer and ‘Healer of Addictions’.

Rhonda founded The Self(s) Healing Experience (SHE), a sacred transformational encounter that is legendary for producing potential miracles for over three decades.

Rhonda has been featured in articles in Elle Magazine, Good Housekeeping, and the Boston Globe. She has appeared on the Discovery Channel, and scores of radio and television programs. She has been commissioned by royalty and celebrities worldwide who have struggled with attaining inner peace – the objective of what SHE offers.

As a child, Rhonda was a dedicated student of the ballet. She was awarded a scholarship to study at Julliard at the school of American Ballet under the direction of George Balanchine. Additionally, she received an invitation and scholarship to study at the Harkness School of Ballet Arts, and received a Ford Foundation scholarship to study at the Boston Ballet. Soon after, Rhonda became an apprentice with the Boston Ballet.

Rhonda is well-known for her contributions and achievements in the fields of higher consciousness, healing arts, enlightenment, and for bringing forth Self(s) Education – a new genre in teaching, learning, and reflecting divine knowledge…

Rhonda Lenair opened the doors of her first office in Massachusetts in 1987. There she saw thousands of people who were in awe that their addictions disappeared so quickly and effortlessly.  Rhonda soon became known and described by others as ‘Healer of Addictions’.  As the work evolved in depth and magnitude, what Rhonda offered was divinely renamed The Self(s) Healing Experience – SHE.  SHE – an ambiguous acronym describing Rhonda Lenair finitely and the Self(s) Healing Experience infinitely as ONE become offer.

Six years after Rhonda began her work, in 1993 she was joined by Barry Chalfin. They worked together inseparably and were married in 1999. Barry legally changed his name to Barry Chalfin Lenair to symbolize his deep commitment, life purpose, unwavering dedication and deep abiding love for what they both seamlessly shared and offered.

In 2008, based on the extraordinary events and revelations Rhonda sacredly received, the name for the healing center and services were reborn and renamed as The Self(s) Healing Experience and The Lenair Self(s) Healing Center. The renaming signified and reflected the foundation, promise, and center point of where this sacred encounter flows from – ONE Self(s) that reflects all that lives and IS eternal, Rhonda humanly reflects and receives…

On September 9, 2014 Barry Chalfin Lenair passed away, but he remains ever present…

*Self(s): one infinite, eternal macrocosm of intelligence and light energy that is constantly subdividing into finite microcosms of condensed physical matter that represent and become one physical unit of one non-physical whole infrastructure of inter-communicatory intelligence.

Pre-registration required.  A minimum number of participants is required to hold this event.  For more on Rhonda Lenair and her technique visit

Date: Saturday, July 28, 2018 2pm-3:30pm

Cost: $45

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