New Student Special

3 Weeks of Yoga for $30

New Student Special

3 Weeks of Yoga for $30

New Student Special

3 Weeks of Yoga for $30

Brendon Nay, Teacher
This class offers students of all levels and physical abilities a chance to experience the ancient yogic practice of Sanskrit mantra. As a certified yoga instructor, Reiki master, and student of world-renowned Sanskrit scholar and Vedic priest, Namadeva Acharya (Thomas Ashley-Ferrand), Theresa Thompson and Bharata (Bill) Barry, Brendon is honored to share the powerful self-healing modality of vibratory sound with the Roots to Wings Community. Although the mantras come to us through the Hindu tradition, his approach is non-religious, focusing on the inherent potency of these simple yet ancient formulas.  A list of mantras will be handed out in the beginning of class. Brendon will provide brief descriptions of their effects before leading a short guided meditation allowing the rest of the time for the clearing power of these sacred utterances. Join us on Monday nights as we chant with and for one another for the benefit of all beings.

'Love is our birthplace, our final refuge and our reason for being.  If we recognize that compassion and love are the ultimate destination of our search, the heart of the Universe itself responds.'

-Namadeva Acharya(Thomas Ashley-Ferrand)


3/25 Quantum Spoon Bending

3/26 Half Day Silent Retreat

3/26 Mother/Daughter Yoga

3/31 Master Yogi Prem Prakash

4/1  Master Yogi Prem Prakash

4/4 Meditation Series

4/9 Bliss Healing Circle

4/15 JourneyDance

4/22 Mirabai Devi / Shantala Workshop

4/22 Shantala Kirtan

4/23 Mirabai Devi / Shantala Workshop

5/7  Chakra Bliss Group Healing

6/3  Mantra Dance


Love Your Brain Donation Class 4/24

MANTRA class Mondays 7:30pm (no class 4/24)

NEW Friday 11am Moderate with Kasey

NEW Friday 5pm Moderate with Sharon