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Weekly Workshops

Retreat for 40 Day Graduates
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Retreat for 40-Day Transformation Graduates

New Date: Saturday April 8, 2023 3-7pm

(In Person Only)

Calling all 40 Day Graduates past and present.  It is so healing to gather in community of like-minded spirits.  Reconnect with the community and spirit of the 40 Day Transformation.   We will use this time to go deeper into transformational practices we introduced during the 40 Day Program.  No books.  No food log.  No homework.  Nothing to do to prepare other than to have a clear vision of what you want to create in your life and the willingness to do deep experiments in consciousness, awareness, and clear seeing.
We won't be doing yoga postures per se', but we will be moving our bodies alot with a good bit of time to share stories and connect.

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Instructor: Mike Houlihan

Dates: Saturday April 8, 3-7pm

Cost: $125

To Register email or call Beth/Mike 978-463-9642


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