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Weekly Workshops

Sedona Arizona Winter Retreat
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We are going back to do a new training (Begin Again) with Chun Shim nim. This will be a customized three plus day retreat intensive with her at Sedona Mago Garden.

Begin Again!

There are no words to describe the impact that Chun Shim nim has had on many of our lives at Roots to Wings. Arleen, Katherine, Mike, Beth and hundreds of Roots to Wings students have trained with Chun Shim nim when she was on the east coast. She led many programs and workshops at Roots to Wings in our formative years and lived with us in Byfield for a short time. We all love her dearly. She has an incredible ability to guide people to the their deepest essence. She is a Master in the truest sense of the word. If there is any aspect of your life path that is not clear, Chun can help you see it clearly.

"She is hands down the single most amazing teacher, healer, and spiritual guide I have ever met. Some of the most amazing experiences I have had in my life happened at Sedona Mago Retreat Center." - Mike Houlihan

This training has the added bonus of being at the stunning Sedona Mago Retreat Center nestled amidst the red-rocked mountains, energy vortexes, and high desert deep in Sedona Arizona.

Chun Shim nim is combining various elements of her life's work in a program called Begin Again. The goals of the Sedona trip are to:

1. Experience the simple teachings of a true master in a safe, sacred, and supportive environment.

2. Deeply feel Energy and develop the experiential knowledge to activate your bodies highest healing potential.

3. Touch your Soul and see clearly from the Soul's perspective.

4. Experience your Essence and know the nature of your True Self.

5. Share in and deepen your connection to community.

6. Live your life from your deepest purpose

In Chun Shim nim's teachings, we tangibly experience three bodies (Physical, Energy and Spiritual) in a variety of ways accessible moment to moment. The philosophy of the training is that by awakening all three bodies, we realize our essential divine nature and experience how to live from it.

All participants will get a 20 minute private session with Chun Shim nim during the retreat.

Begin Again

You are a breath away from changing your life in 4 days. You can heal from old hurts, wounds, traumas, and stories that keep you stuck in varying levels of suffering and confusion.

Begin Again opens our eyes widely to finally see the authentic truth about how we are all connected. This journey is for those who want to go beyond all psychological and emotional layers towards true freedom.

Life and pain go together. Fear and change go together. Throughout our lives, we will most likely experience the loss of success, opportunity, time, a loved one, our health, our independence, conviction and more. No matter what type of pain you have had, it can leave a hole in your heart and alter the life you previously knew.

Together, we can find a Way. When the heart is blocked, moving forward with optimism, hope and happiness can seem impossible. We may find ourselves looking back on life with longing or regret and feel fearful of a future that may bring more loss, grief, sorrow and pain. This blockage of fear is real and affects us both emotionally and physically.

We can come to know that each of us has the ability to love and heal ourselves, not as an abstract concept, but as a concrete experience. We can be free from pain and access our inner light and move into relationship with our soul.  The soul cannot be unhappy in the human sense of the term. It sees from a broader perspective and will guide us toward hope, happiness and strength.

Learn how to overcome fear and live more boldly. Find the place inside where everything is possible. Find how to live limitlessly, beyond ego, layers and story. Discover why the relationships we attract are precisely the ones we need to grow and develop the ability to see them as such.

Truly experience when and where our existence has started from and where it is heading to and what is beyond it all to see a bigger picture of life as a whole.

Begin Again will help you move forward toward healing and awakening from wherever you are. You will spend time breathing in nature, and experience oneness with nature. Expect authentic group interaction, and sustainable actions that truly empower using simple yet powerful tools.  Learn to feel, see and act from the soul’s perspective.


Day 1: Thursday Evening – Energy Circulation and Deep Relaxation

Arrive early and walk the grounds followed by a group dinner of delicious healing food at the Sedona Mago Retreat. During the evening program, we will share our personal intentions and experience relaxation and circulation of energy throughout the body for clarity and body awareness.

Day 2: Friday – Cellular Healing and Connecting to Essence

Learn the mapping of the energy body and consciousness. Experience group mindful walking meditation.  Release deeply embedded layers that are blocking your energy system at a cellular level. This will help you to heal your wounds, release negative emotions and discover the power of your divine essence.

Experience your essence – the true master of your life. Find your inner light and learn to heal yourself by experiencing life from your soul’s perspective. Allow its creative power to guide you toward the new life that you want to live. Stimulate creativity, and cultivate inner strength and happiness.  Evening group healing experience includes guided deep relaxation.

Day 3: Saturday – Essence Training

More deep healing grounded in the essence of your being; the soul of who you are. You’ll make a tangible action plan to live authentically – enabling you to focus, improve your mood, strengthen energy and improve relationships.

Day 4: Sunday – Oneness, Sincerity, and Gratitude

By the closing session, you will have experienced oneness with all living things. Learn how to move forward when you return to your daily routine and responsibilities. Plan how to integrate appreciation and gratitude into your daily life. Return home inspired to continue your Begin Again.


· The program cost is $1200 and includes all meals and lodging for Thursday, Friday, Saturday nights plus both pre-training events at Roots to Wings and one post-training event with Chun Shim nim.

· You are responsible for your own air and ground transportation.

· The main training is Thursday evening thru Sunday midday.

· We will fly into Phoenix, AZ on Thursday January 31st and return Sunday February 3rd. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT WE CONFIRM OUR TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS ASAP,

· You are responsible for your own ground transportation. Arizona Shuttle will transport you to and from Mago for $71 each way. Car rentals can run $40-$50 per person assuming 4 people per car. It is a beautiful 2.5 hour ride to Sedona. There is no transportation from the retreat center to downtown Sedona.

· If you rent a car, please know that the nature of the retreat is an in depth experience and you will want to plan to stay on location the entire time. If you choose to explore Sedona and its environs, please make plans before or after the retreat.

· Sedona Mago Retreat is tucked away about 15 minutes off the main road. It is not in downtown Sedona.

· Best option out of Phoenix is the 10:50pm Red Eye on Sunday.

· Sedona Mago Retreat Center is smoke, meat, alcohol and drug free.


We are holding two pre-training sessions to help us all gather our energy and prepare for our Sedona Mago experience. We will be working closely with Chun Shim nim on the content of these sessions. These trainings are included in the total cost of the program and will be open to non-attendees as well.

Pre-training sessions will be:

· Friday December 21st, 7-9pm

· Friday January 18th, 7-9pm

· Friday March TBD, 7-9pm with Chun via video conference


1. Email us to confirm your intended participation right away.

2. Confirm registration by sending a non-refundable check only deposit of $750 no later than November 27th, 2018. Check should be made payable to Roots to Wings. The balance of $450 by check only is due January 8th, 2019.

3. Book your flights and confirm with us when you have.

4. Let us know how you will be getting to Sedona Mago retreat center. Shuttle, car, other.

5. Read the policies and conditions associated with this training.

Questions? Email us here!

Roots to Wings Yoga & Healing Center

Date: Thursday January 31st - Sunday February 3rd

Time: Multi-day

Cost: $1200 *airfare/travel not included

Minimum number of participants required to hold trip

Contact Studio to Register

Registration deadline November 15th