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Weekly Workshops

Secret of Self Mastery
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Secret of Self Mastery

24 Week Training with Chun Shim nim

Self Mastery is comprised of Initial Self-Mastery (6 weeks) and Self-Mastery (18 weeks)

What is Secret of Self-Mastery?

Secret of Self-Mastery is a 24 week journey with Chun.  If your phone or computer doesn’t work, what do you do? Throw it away? Buy a new one? Ignore it? What about when it comes to your life? Your mind? Your relationships? Your emotions and stress? When your life and your physical, emotional health aren’t as you want, what should you do?

Self-Mastery has four components.  In Initial Self-Mastery, you will learn to access and use your Ki energy to balance your energy centers and open blocked energy lines.

You will release stress at a cellular level so you can maintain clear, positive energy, even in challenging situations.

You will learn how to transform stress into the strength you need to live a balanced, productive, happy life, without giving up your job, family obligations, or social activities. Transform “worry” into fulfillment!

In Self Mastery (Levels 1,2, and 3) you experience who you really are, identify your true inner voice, uncover what are you supposed to do in your life, and how to make your life happier based on 5-step Brain Education methods. You will explore the secrets you have inside to find the key to Self-Mastery. This simple, yet effective experience will help you to feel and appreciate the power you already have within. At each session, you will acquire practical tools that you can use at any time or place in your daily life.

Can you relate to any of these symptoms?

  • Irritability and unhappiness
  • Fatigue and lethargy
  • Chronic and acute physical illness
  • Apathy and depression
  • Inability to concentrate and think clearly
  • Struggling with mental and emotional obstacles
  • Having difficulty creating the life that you want
  • Feeling disconnected from your inner self
  • Mind races with critical thoughts towards yourself and others
  • Feeling stuck and what to change to a more positive and creative life

How You'll Benefit

Initial Self Mastery: You’ll release the excessive stress that’s making you sick and tired and move you into a life of strength and power to remain calm no matter what life throws at you in community with like-minded people.

Self-Mastery Level 1: Developing your sense of consciousness, being centered and how to go beyond layers.

  1. How do I take back my energy?
  2. Inner landscape
  3. What can I do with my Inner Pain?
  4. How can I unblock what blocks me?
  5. How can I choose good energy?
  6. We are participating in creating the reality

Self-Mastery Level 2: Developing your Master consciousness to see the truth within your consciousness by using your awakened sense.

  1. Who am I doing all this for?
  2. Why do I feel pain?
  3. Who/what is hurting me?
  4. Who/what is caging/controlling me?
  5. Whose fault is this?
  6. Who/what drives me now?
  7. What is my true value?
  8. Law of Attraction

Self-Mastery Level 3: Developing your sense to manifesting the life that you want and to apply the principles and practice of Brain Education in your daily life.

  1. How can a caterpillar become a butterfly?
  2. How can I keep my energy field clean?
  3. How can I grow Self-Trust, Self-Value, and Self-Love
  4. How to grow my Spiritual Energy
  5. How can I expand my Healing Energy safely
  6. How to create my Life as I want?

What You'll Learn

  1. Awakening about relationship of emotions, organs & diet
  2. Detoxing exercises and relaxing breathwork
  3. How to reframe thought patterns and be more authentic
  4. Directly experience what it means to be in your safe and strong core
  5. Inner wisdom and tools to de-stress in any situation
  6. How to awaken and see the truth within your consciousness
  7. How to be free from your past experiences
  8. How to create a better life and improve relationships

What do people say about this workshop?

For many years I have struggled with crippling anxiety.  I worried about the health and safety of myself and my family.  Many doctors recommended anti anxiety medication. I have always shunned the idea of medicating my anxiety.  I always chose not to despite my inability to calm myself.  I wanted to believe there was another way.   I was lucky enough to come upon this experience.

I took Awaken to your True Essence, Initial Self Mastery and the Secret to Self Mastery series.  My life is very different now.  I am calmer, more able to manage my emotions, stronger around the negativity of others and overall more balanced.  It has been a true blessing.  I finally feel I am able to live. Really live.  Not as a slave to my anxiety and emotions.

Secret to Self Mastery is not a magic wand. Life is not free of pain and suffering. The nature of these teachings is so wise.  It gives people a choice to think differently.  It teaches us how to return to ourselves no matter what is happening.  As I continue to retrain my brain, at 52 years old, I feel more equipped to handle things.  Opportunities have opened for me, and self-respect and compassion are more present than ever.  I have learned that my heart is the best place to look for answers and my head is the “secretary” employed to handle logistics.

I feel so much more like I am living the life I was meant to live. To anyone who is considering Secret to Self Mastery. I hope you take the leap of faith and do it. You will be met with compassion and wisdom.

"I learned stress becomes strength as a choice to respond from my soul, not  from thinking from my emotions. Strength of choice is a reaction with a sense of self as divine. A life event needs to go no further than observance of the event. Therefore conceptions, interpretations and stories, which lead to damaging emotions and hurtful outcomes, do not occur. So much more was learned as well . . . leading to healing the body, soul, spirit."

"A powerful journey into the mechanics of suffering and stress. Misaligned attitudes and misunderstood selves. We began with a physical study of the human specimen to detail our particular conditions. After that, we explored ourselves with questions. The trainer guided patiently as we came to epiphany. Deep insights were earned and good laughter shared. These exercises attuned me to deeper truths and I leave today with a solid sense of strength. I am centered and ready to tackle the rest of my days with love and success."


Time: 4:30-6:00pm EST

Cost: $1,400

To Register: Contact the Studio to speak and ask for Mike or Beth

Prerequisite: Awaken to your True Essence

1 ½ hour every week for 6 weeks per level. There are 3 levels