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Weekly Workshops

Women's Sacred Dance Retreat, Intro to Celtic Wheel
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Women's Sacred Dance Retreat, Intro to Celtic Wheel
with Ellen Kennedy
Sunday July 31, 1:00-5:00pm

The gift of Sacred Circle Dance will lead us into a time of connection and reflection on The Celtic Festival Lughnasadh.  It opens the doorway to the last quarter of the Celtic Year. This festival marks a deeper awareness of the marriage between the land and it's people. Lughnasadh (August 1) celebrates the beginning of the harvest season, the ripening of first fruits; traditionally a time of community gatherings.

The Celtic Wheel is an ancient calendar rooted in Celtic and pre-Celtic lands. The ancient ones lived in balance with  the rhythms of nature and the cosmos.  They honored the land as feminine and understood the interconnectedness of everything. Used as a map the wheel can assist in bringing mind, body and spirit into  balance by awareness and alignment with the turning points of the seasons.

Each dance will be taught, no prior experience required.

A welcome email will be sent prior to the retreat.

$20 Registration fee (non-refundable) Dance donation $20 at the door (cash only) sliding scale if needed

Please register early to confirm your place.  Limited to 18 participants.

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Sacred Circle Dance

We are wisdom and Harmony

Attune to each other in a kindred way

Strangers unite and share breath

Dancing in unison, stepping to the beat

Feeling our bodies, the warmth of a hand

Seeing one another, digging for meaning

Looking to spirit calling our name

Danielle Annis 6/5/22


Date: Sunday July 31

Time: 1:00-5:00pm

Cost: $20 Registration fee (Non-refundable) & $20 Dance Donation at the door