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Weekly Workshops

Weekly Workshops

Ayurvedic Series #2 Lifestyle & Self Care
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During this workshop we will delve deeper into the Ayurvedic clock to learn how to better align ourselves with the rhythm of nature. You will create your own unique morning and evening ritual that will best serve you based on your vikriti (current state of imbalance). You will learn Ayurvedic self care techniques and come to understand the importance of self care and it's effect on body, mind and spirit. During this workshop the following will be discussed:

  • The crucial role our senses play on our health

  • The three causes of disease: Asātmyendriārtha samyoga, Prajñāparādha and Parināma

  • Understanding the Ayurvedic clock and aligning ourselves with it

  • Ayurvedic self care techniques

  • Developing an individualized  morning and evening ritual

Prerequisite: Ayurvedic Series #1 Intro to Ayurveda

Date: Saturday, March 24, 2018

Time: 4-5:30pm

Cost: $20

Prerequisite: Ayurvedic Series #1 Intro to Ayurveda

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