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Weekly Workshops

Tao Training
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Tao Training with Mike Houlihan
6 Week Session: Thursdays February 28-April 4, 7-9pm
We grasp for presence, peace, clarity, and purpose in our lives and yet it remains illusive. It is in the letting go of the grasping that we can find ourselves.
Tao means the ‘way to the way’ in Chinese. Tao Training is an intensive practice encompassing a variety of exercises, meditations, postures, and breathing techniques for physical and energetic health. Tao training helps us live in the world with renewed purpose, passion, love, and inner strength.
We use strengthening exercises to enhance the circulation of oxygen, blood, and healing energy throughout our bodies. As we increase this sensitivity our body heals and our mind becomes clear and calm.  These practices draw on timeless yogic and Taoist traditions and personal training with Chun Shim nim, chakras, healing arts, Kripalu, qi gong, and energy/meridian yoga. These tools help us embody our deepest connection to our natural ability to live life from a place of presence and peace with true clarity and purpose. Experience your true power.

Name: 6 Week Tao Training Series

Date: Thursdays February 28-April 4

Time: 7-9pm

Cost: $300

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