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Weekly Workshops

Qi Gong Series
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Qi Gong Series with Olga Kukarina

Tuesdays, October 8-October 29, 7:15pm-8:30pm

Explore China’s ancient self-healing and longevity practices through the healing movements of Qi Gong. These gentle, flowing series of movements serve to increase the amount of and improve the flow of Qi (Chi) ,“life energy,” in the body. Chinese medicine teaches that when qi moves smoothly and without restriction or obstruction in the meridians, we experience vibrant health. Qi Gong includes gentle flowing movement and breathing techniques, self-massage and acupressure, healing visualizations and meditations, and is one of the most powerful methods of healing, disease prevention and rejuvenation.  Cost: $75

In order to improve her own health and serve her spirit, Olga Kukarina has sought, for over 15 years, different self-healing traditions of the world. She is deeply grateful to some wonderful teachers she has met and learned from, and enjoys sharing the knowledge she has acquired over the years with her students.

During these years of research she discovered that Qi Gong, China’s ancient holistic system of energy medicine, has proven the most effective of self-healing practices to restore the body's original program to health. These practices emphasize harmony and health of body, mind and spirit and cultivate tranquility of mind. Gentle flowing movement and breathing techniques, self-massage and acupressure, healing visualization and meditations make them enjoyable and effective tools for self-healing and disease prevention.

Certified Therapeutic Qi Gong teacher; Certified Tai Chi teacher; Certified in completion of the Acupressure Mastery Program with Michael Reed Gach, the Acupressure Institute founder; 7 years of apprenticeship in Sufi techniques, including Dance Meditation; 3 years of Belly Dance study; Yoga Practitioner since 1995.

Dates: Tuesdays October 8-October 29

Time: 7:15pm-8:30pm

Cost: $75

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