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Weekly Workshops

Weekly Workshops

Tomorrow Documentary
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We are “Spreading our Wings” in the New Year by launching a “First Thursday of every month gathering”. Free or low cost events that will allow us to come together off the mat and beyond the doors. This will be a new way for us to be together in conscious community, service, and supporting local business and and causes that benefit all beings. Keep in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and our newsletter for events as they are announced.

We kick off our First Thursday events with a powerfully inspirational documentary sponsored by Team Tomorrow, touted as “required viewing” by The Hollywood Reporter. Team Tomorrow is made up of scientists and citizens, teachers and engineers, including our own Katherine Perrin, They are people who desire change, action and encourage lifestyle changes for global well-being.

Date: Thursday, January 4th

Time: 7pm

Suggested Donation: $10 Love Offering

Workshops & Events


12/22 Winter Solstice Meditation

12/29 Yoga Nidra

1/4  Tomorrow Documentary

1/5   Healing Circle

1/12 Restorative & Reiki

1/13 Intro to Yoga Series

1/13  Yoga Therapy Toolbox

1/14 Cancer Support

1/15   40 Day Transformation

1/26   Tao Healing Meditation

2/8     Sedona Retreat


12/10 New Kundalini class Sundays 8am

1/13 New 6 week Intro to Yoga Series