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Weekly Workshops

Tao Healing Meditation
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Taste of Tao Healing Meditation

Friday, January 26th, 2018,  7-9 pm

Special treat for those who love our quarterly healing meditations.  As a follow up to our Solstice Healing Meditation and in preparation for our February 2018 Sedona trip, we have added an additional healing meditation event.

The purpose of this event. like all of our healing meditations, is to open our physical, energetic, and spiritual bodies through a series of moving meditations to journey into the healing powers of light, sound, and vibration.

The pace of this event will be a bit slower than our traditional healing meditations to allow for more explanation and inclusion of additional healing mediations.

"I have been a practicing accupuncturist for almost 30 years and I have never experienced the sensation of chi [energy] in my hands the way I did in this workshop.  It was amazing!" Workshop participant Damariscotta, ME

Past Solstice celebrations have sold out.  Please sign up in advance.

Instructor: Mike Houlihan

Date: Friday, January 26th, 2018

Time: 7-9pm

Cost: $30, no charge for Sedona participants

Register: Click HERE

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