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Weekly Workshops

Weekly Workshops

Deep Play For Kids Teacher Certification
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Learn to teach the tools of meditation, mindfulness, and yoga… to kids!

Deep Play for Kids Foundations Certification Training is great for anyone who interacts with kids on any level to support children's well-being. You do NOT need to be a certified yoga teacher to attend.
In this training, you will:
* Participate in experiential, comprehensive fun where you will experience clear instruction of age appropriate yoga poses, games, breath work, relaxation and guided visualization
*Explore and practice a variety of multi-sensory activities that embrace the multiple intelligences which allow you to meet each child wherever he or she is.
*Learn about the science of yoga and kid-ify it! In kids’ yoga, children are invited to breathe with feathers and bubbles, roar like lions, create imagination stations, and express themselves in their own unique and perfect way.
*Leave with a certificate of completion, and the tools necessary to offer Deep Play for Kids techniques into your life, whether at home, in a classroom, a yoga studio, an office...or beyond!
Missy Brown E-RYT, E-RCYT, has dedicated her life to supporting people of all ages to open to their true potential. Her passion in empowering others is offered through classes as well as training programs that truly transform lives through play and joy. Using her skills of creativity and playfulness, she fosters experiences where mindfulness and body centered practices are explored with a sense of humor and open hearted authenticity. Missy is the president and founder of Deep Play for Kids, LLC (“DPK”).
Her mission is that all people have the safe opportunity to discover, explore, and embrace their true limitless self. With her loving presence, Missy has been teaching DPK in schools for nearly 20 years. She sees each child as their true self and has seen that children who participate in wellness experiences at an early age are given the opportunity to create a solid foundation and fill their “toolbags" to carry throughout their lives.
Missy continues to be gratefully inspired by the guidance of her many mentors as well as the lessons she learns from her students who are her best teachers. In addition to offering Deep Play for Kids trainings, Missy is a teacher in the Pranotthan School of Yoga, an Intro to Creative Kids Yoga trainer, Assistant Director for Let Your Yoga Dance for Kids and Teens, and is on faculty at Kripalu Center for Health where she leads innovative programs for kids.
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Friday, January 25 4-9pm

Saturday, January 26 11-7pm

Sunday, January 27 9-4pm

Cost: $595

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